Meaning – Purpose and Passion

Deal boats

For a ship without a destination – no wind is the right wind

Do you ever wonder what your life is actually about? Is there a meaning and purpose to our existence? These questions have haunted men and women through the ages. It is often said that the eternal question is: Who am I? I don’t believe that. I believe the question inherent in us all is not who, but what am I – what am I here to do? That is the topic that fascinates me. Is there a meaning or a purpose to my life? Is there such a thing as a ‘calling’? Think of this. The poets, writers, singers, painters, dancers of this world fascinate and inspire us. Where does their gift come from. Is it only given to a few? Or do we all have special gifts and talents? The Irish, the Native Americans, the  Australian Aboriginal, the Inuit and in fact virtually all of the original cultures believed that there was a meaning and a purpose to every human life. Our Western cultures have lost that belief and you can see the results all around you. Depressed people working at jobs that hold little or no meaning for them. Skyrocketing rates of depression and suicide. Young people alienated and depressed, frustrated and angry at either lack of work or being coerced into taking boring, meaningless jobs that strangle their souls and quash their spirit. In the words of Carl Jung; “Every human life contains a potential, if that potential is not met, that life was wasted.”


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