Where is Inis Mór?


Inis Mór lies approx 25 miles or so off the Connemara on the west coast of Ireland. It is a wild windswept little island whose rugged and isolated nature has attracted writers, poets and artists to it secluded shores for many years. The first language is Irish, but virtually all of the islanders now speak English as well. The main industry for many years was fishing, although Inis Mór was also known for fattening up cattle for the market or for agricultural shows. The island has a fascinating history as well as some of the greatest examples of ancient forts and fortresses in the world. It also has an almost haunted air to it, perhaps by its isolated and rugged nature, or perhaps, as some suggest, that the ancient legends of Ireland are true, and that ghosts and such like things still wander abroad in many of Ireland’s hidden places.


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